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Employment Law

As lawyers specializing in the field of employment law, we advise HR managers, employers and employees, in bigger as well as in smaller businesses, in all matters of private and public employment law and on any issues which may arise during the course of an employment relationship.

We draw up employment contracts for every conceivable work situation: employment contracts for senior management or managers with employee participation or commission agreements, employment contracts paying special attention to non-competition clauses, overtime regulations, data protection or copyright law. We draw up temporary contracts, contracts with flexible working hours, part-time employment contracts, contracts with remuneration on an hourly basis or on-call work, and freelance contracts.

We deal with applications for work permits, give advice on employment law regulations and collective employment agreements and offer our clients straightforward and practical support on everyday issues of employment law.

Regarding the termination of employment contracts, we advise employers and employees on the legal requirements and risks involved in regular termination or immediate dismissal, dismissal with an offer of altered conditions of employment, warnings, leave of absence or termination by mutual agreement. We advise them on termination periods of notice, waiting periods, objections to termination, wrongful termination, the requirements for formulating employers’ references and on work verifications without coding. We give advice on the requirements in respect of paying outstanding wage claims for overtime or holidays. We support employers and employees in respect of post-contractual loyalty, confidentiality and non-competition duties.

We represent our clients in employment litigation.

We offer advice to recruitment agencies in respect of the requirements of the Recruitment and Hiring of Services Act (AVG) and draft work contracts with temporary employees and clients.