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Family Law / Inheritance Law


In order to avoid problems in the long term, we work out suitable agreements with our clients for their preferred way of living together, be it marriage, a non-marital or a registered partnership. In the event of divorce or separation, we represent and support our clients in settlement discussions but also, if need be, in court.


We do estate planning for our clients, particularly in the case of complex family relationships or financial situations. We draw up customized succession solutions which also take into consideration risks such as divorce. And we regularly check whether the solution we had chosen is still the right one under the present circumstances. We are ready to act as executors of the estate where the circumstances amongst the heirs after the death of the testator are difficult, or if the dividing up of the estate requires profound economic or legal knowledge. In the same way, we provide our clients with advice and support in safeguarding and distributing the estate, in enforcing last wills and testaments or in setting up agreements with other heirs. If necessary, we will enforce our clients’ rights in court.